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Here are what my clients say:

Lily and Derek  - Thank you for the support and for sharing with us the most precious moment of our lives- the arrival of our beautiful daughter! You have made a huge difference to my experience of pregnancy and birth this second time. I have enjoyed the care and being looked after by you and I believe every woman should experience this kind of care in pregnancy and birth. With gratitude and love. 

Faiza and Al - When I fell pregnant, I started out on the usual NHS route - I selected a hospital and began antenatal visits. I soon realised that there was no continuity of care - I saw different midwives during antenatal visits - and there was no guarantee that I would even meet the midwife who would be present at the birth beforehand.

This is when my husband and I started looking into independent midwives. I came across Claire’s website and dropped her an email. When we met her I was immediately drawn to her approach to antenatal care and childbirth. At the time we hadn’t decided whether we wanted a hospital birth or a homebirth. As this was our first child, the idea of a homebirth seemed quite daunting. With Claire I never felt pressured to take the homebirth route. But as Claire’s antenatal visits continued, I learnt more and began to have a greater understanding of the natural birthing process. The more I learnt the more I knew that I wanted to give birth in my own home, where I would naturally feel most relaxed and in control.

The birth was intimate and undisturbed. I realise now that preparation is key; all the antenatal visits, the hypnobirthing, the breathing and massage techniques that Claire taught us, they played a huge part in bringing about our positive birth experience.

Claire is incredibly knowledgeable and has a wonderful way of imparting that knowledge onto others. She is encouraging and supportive and her passion for natural childbirth shines through. She was amazing throughout my pregnancy and I felt calm throughout my labour knowing that I had her and my husband by my side.We couldn’t have wished for a better midwife and would wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone. We are going to miss her very much! 


Sophie - From the bottom of our hearts Claire we really mean it - big thank you. You are a gifted midwife and I won't ever forget your kindness x

Laeony - Claire was a fantastic support during my labour, looking back, I can only imagine that it would have been even more challenging with out her. I have always used homeopathy and Claire’s precise and sensitive diagnosis of what I needed and when was spot on, helping every part of my labour flow. Her sensitive and intuitive approach helped me feel at ease and safe throughout. And her hands on knowledge and confidence really gave me confidence. Without a doubt Claire is wonderful to have close by and I would confidently recommend Claire. You are a star and i just wish every women had you by their side.

Fiona -  Claire was a source of strength during the birth of my second child James. She has a very calm manner and she alleviated my fears knowing exactly what to say to me. Her encouragement enabled me to have the home birth I wanted and I couldn’t have been happier.

My experience with the birth of my first child had left me with a strong desire to avoid using the NHS if at all possible. This along with the advice from a trusted friend and his wife who had used an independent midwife a few years earlier lead us to decide to meet some midwives in our area.

We had to consider the cost involved as for us this wasn’t going to be a small expense. Fortunately early on in my pregnancy I came across a testimonial from a mum who pointed out that many of us spend much more on our wedding day (or even wedding dress) than the cost of an independent midwife, surely the birth of a child is as important. This put matters into perspective, the decision to use an independent midwife was cemented... and it was the best money we could have spent.

I choose Claire as I had instantly felt a connection with her. My 3 year old daughter was also clearly impressed, she climbed onto Claire's knee and stayed there for most of our first meeting. During the following months Claire and I got to know each other much better. She was always respectful of my views and I felt comfortable and relaxed in her care. She leant me books to help me overcome my fears and increase my confidence. I had used hypnobirthing for my first child but needed to refresh my knowledge and Claire helped with this. Claire also supplied homeopathic remedies and administered acupuncture during the birth. I had a very limited knowledge of homeopathy and had never received acupuncture before and I was grateful for and impressed with Claire’s knowledge and abilities.

Claire's advice and support was invaluable and above expectation. When my father passed away in New Zealand I was around six months pregnant. I sought advice from Claire and then let her know we had decided we would be taking the long flight to New Zealand for his funeral. The flight was leaving the following morning so Claire came over that day to do a check-up. She also gave me homeopathic remedy to help with the jet lag.

My son James was born at home without any drugs for pain relief, this was just as I had hoped. Claire was my rock during the birth and gave me continued encouragement exactly when I needed it most. It was such an amazing experience for our family. My three year old woke and wandered out of her room to investigate shortly after James was born at 11:30pm. Claire managed to attend to me and the baby and didn't seem at all phased by the presence of an excited three year old and her equally excited father. In the following weeks Claire continued to visit regularly checking my son and I were healthy and continuing to provide support and advice.

I recommend Claire to anyone seeking an independent midwife. Her gentle manner and exceptional knowledge will be a calming effect for any mum to be.

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