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Traumatic birth/PTSD

Sadly, too many women experience a traumatic birth which may lead to postnatal depression, difficulty bonding with their child and a profound fear about any subsequent pregnancy and birth. For some women this can be severe enough to lead to PTSD - which may include flashbacks, pervasive anxiety about everyday activities, inability to experience enjoyment - including from sex with their partner and a sense of isolation and guilt.

It is not simply those births where dramatic problems have occurred that can lead to these problems. Indeed, women can be made to feel that they are "making a fuss", that "it wasn't that bad" and they "should be happy if they have a live/healthy baby". This minimisation and failure to recognise the trauma some women have experienced further entrenches and exacerbates the problems experienced by the woman and creates a sense of guilt. 

Together with a colleague experienced in homeopathy, hynotherapy and psychology we can work with women to offer a package of care with the aim of lifting the burden of the birth trauma/PTSD. This care package is suitable both for those who wish to have another child and for those who simply wish to feel well again. Accordingly, this may be taken as a separate package to any midwifery care or be part of a broader package.

Please call or email to see if this could be of help to you.

This includes:

  • Three professional homeopathic treatment consultations and tailored remedies in specialist clinic with two professional experienced homeopaths - visit our website click here 
  • Hypnobirthing or hypnotherapy session (typically 2-3hours)
  • Antenatal /birth preparation (if required - you may not be planning a new baby but may wish to have the trauma treated so that you can be well) or debriefing.

Charge: 650. Includes remedies and insurance.

Call or email in confidence to discuss your needs: 07849 511771 Claire @traumatic birth treatment.

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